Erectile Dysfunction Treatments


Erectile dysfunction is probably the thing that is most obvious to relate with the decrease in their libido but as we age our hormone levels go down, our serotonin hormone levels, testosterone, for women – progesterone and estrogen. And as those levels decline both genders have a decreased interest in sex. So for men maybe they are less interested in sex at 35 than they were in 18 but they still have an interest. Once you get to erectile dysfunction, then you are sort of “what is going on?”.

And that does indicate other health issues in your body. If the arteries that cause an erection are not functioning well, then the arteries in your heart and the arteries in your brain have the same health. It is a real indicator of heart disease; it is a real indicator of diabetes. You should have that treated because the treatment for that will also benefit to your heart.

What are the treatments that will help to boost your libido? Well first and foremost is testosterone. And it is not just a male hormone. Testosterone will improve libido in women and men. What happens is there is a complex chemical cascade in the brain. than nitric oxide is released. That molecule causes smooth muscles to relax which allows blood to flow into arteries. Well, that is health for everything. Whether you are talking about you liver, your heart, or your ability to have an erection. If you can’t get clitoral engorgement because those arteries are relaxed, and then it is harder to have an orgasm for a woman or for a man.


So this is a matter they need to go in and have a test done to see what their levels are. A knowledgeable doctor should be able to test for levels of testosterone in a man or a woman. And the levels are different. But to be able to say “yeah, your levels are not optimal.”